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Benefits of Hiring Packing Services for Your Next Move

July 15th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Packing and Unpacking | Removals Services - (Comments Off on Benefits of Hiring Packing Services for Your Next Move)

One of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of any move is the packing process. Knowing how to pack all the things you’ve accumulated over the years takes lots of planning and organisation to do properly; minimising the risk of damage during the move.

Of course, most people do not have the organisational skills or the time to make this process easy on themselves, so packing becomes a very messy and painstaking process that ends up wasting more time and damage or loss of their belongings.

Unlike individuals or families who move once every few years, Gold Coast removalists – Labrador Removals, do this on a daily basis and have a very streamlined and effective process on how to handle the packing stage from beginning to the end. This saves their customers significant amounts of time, money and stress.

Here are just some of the main benefits to hiring a professional Gold Coast Removalist company like Labrador Removals:

The Benefits of Using Packing Services

  • Mitigates risk of damaging belongings: Professional packing companies have the required experience, tools and resources which allows them to effectively package your belongings without damaging them. This is crucial for fragile items such a glassware and fine china.
  • Quick process: Because packaging company’s work on packaging their customer’s items on a daily basis, they know how to plan and manage the packing process from start to finish. They can save their clients significant amounts of time and money.
  • Smart management: Hiring a packing service means they take care of the heavy lifting and packing while you will have lots of valuable time freed up to focus on more important matters such as getting the utility accounts transferred, focusing on last minute accessories for the new place and being able to update your friends and families about your new location.
  • Organisation: Unlike regular individuals that usually begin packing without a structured plan, a professional packing company has years of experience and know-how to organise your belongings into boxes in a way that makes both the packing/unpacking process much easier.
  • Provides insurance coverage: A professional packing services company knows that there is always a risk of damage to their customer’s belongings. The good companies will assume full responsibility for any damaged belongings through their insurance coverage.

Types of packing services:

  • Full Packing: The packing service company will usually send their packing team to your house a day before the planned move. They will have all the necessary tools and equipment to pack your belongings. In addition, most companies also offer unpacking services once the move has been completed.
  • Partial Packing:  There are certain things that customers prefer to do themselves so they have the option of specifying what items the packing team will take care of. Again, most companies also offer the same unpacking services.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, most packing companies also offer useful packing products such as boxes and special packing paper. Contact Labrador Removals now for more information on how we can make your next move a great and stress-free experience.

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