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What Everyone Needs to Know About Piano Removals

September 11th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Moving Tips | Piano Removals | Removals Services - (Comments Off on What Everyone Needs to Know About Piano Removals)

Ask any piano owner how they feel about having their friends help move their piano to a different location and they will likely respond with a look of sheer horror.

That’s why asking for a professional and reliable company that specialises in Gold Coast removals and also handles piano removals is your best option when moving such precious cargo. People on the Gold Coast will not hesitate to mention Labrador Removals as the best piano removals service available in the Gold Coast.

Labrador Removals have been recognised as the best Gold Coast removalist company for over 25 years. They have the experience and specialised equipment required to provide the safest and most efficient piano removals service you can find.

So before you and your friends attempt to move your precious instrument, here are a few things you need to know about safe piano removals.

Piano Facts and Why You Need to Hire a Professional Removalist


  1. Pianos are very heavy and very difficult to move around: Some pianos can weigh as much as 450 kgs, which makes them very difficult to try to carry around by hand, even with a group of people helping you out. This increases the chances of getting your precious piano scratched and/or damaged or worse, risking an accident that could potentially cause a serious injury. Labrador Removals has extensive experience in the removals of pianos and can easily and safely transport your piano and other heavy items while keeping it protected with ties and pads in their specially designed trucks.
  2. Although large and heavy, pianos are still quite delicate and expensive to fix: Professional removalists build up their business through their reputation. Therefore, when you hire them to move your piano, whether it’s to the next room or the next town, they will do so with utmost care and detail every step of the way. They understand the emotional attachment that piano owners can develop with their instruments and they also understand the hefty price tag associated with repairing a damaged piano.
  3. Professional piano removers have a solid understanding of how pianos work: The staff at Labrador Removals have specialised training that goes beyond just knowing how to move a piano from point A to point B. They are also trained in knowing how to deal with changes in temperature and humidity that can potentially cause serious damage to the wood in your piano.


Treat Your Piano Right by Hiring a Professional Removalist


Labrador Removals prides itself in hiring and training only the best staff in the business. Such detailed knowledge and technical expertise can only be achieved through many years of hands on experience and dedication.

Contact Labrador Removals now and see the many ways that their piano removal specialists can take the worry out of your next move and see why they are known as the Gold Coast’s finest removalist company.

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