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Moving FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding the moving process for homes, offices and commercial premises’ on the Gold Coast:

    • How much will it cost?

At Labrador Removals we are happy to perform jobs on both hourly rates or quotes. Whichever you prefer. When you call one of our consultants mention what you would prefer and we can either make a booking on an hourly rate or organise for one of our professional estimators to come and visit you and provide a no obligation free quote.

    • How long will your quote be valid?

We can quote for the immediate future or for some time down the track. As long as the discussed circumstances and amount of goods don’t change we are very flexible with the terms of our quotes.

    • Do I need transit insurance?

Labrador Removals provides $100,000 transit marine insurance. This covers your goods while in transit. If you have any items that are of particular concern or of a large value, it’s recommended that you take out a separate policy for such items.

    • Do you move interstate?

Yes we do move interstate. We go as far as Sydney and as north as Rockhampton. We also love taking our clients to remote and rural regions within QLD & NSW.

    • How large are your vehicles?

We have trucks to suit all types and sizes of moves. Our biggest is tailored towards the average 4/5 bedroom home and small enough to suit 1/2 bedroom units.

    • Can I use my own cartons and boxes?

Of course you can. We do recommend however, that you use proper removal cartons as they are designed to both protect your possessions better and also streamline our process, which saves you money. The better packed up your household is with the correct materials, the quicker we can operate.

    • Can I pack myself?

Of course you can. Once again, it’s recommended to use the best removal materials. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself or you are time poor, then call us. We can organise the packing solution for you.

    • Do I need to be present during the move?

It’s not imperative for you to be there as we generally have a very good idea as to where things belong. As long as we’re advised as to what’s to be moved it won’t be a problem if you have other prior commitments.

    • Do you place the items in it’s position in my new home or office?

Of course we do. At Labrador Removals we aim to provide an exceptional service to our clients, and this certainly involves placing your beloved possessions exactly where you want them.

    • Do I have to prepare items before the move?

We are more than happy to break down beds, mirrors from chest of drawers and other items that require dismantling however, this is very time consuming. If you would like to save money it’s advised that you have such items dismantled and ready to be moved upon our arrival.

    • How should I prepare my fridge?

If moving locally, you can easily leave the fridge to the last minute. It’s even possible to only empty the fridge and leave the freezer full as it won’t defrost by the time we arrive at your local destination. If you have a double door fridge, it’s advised that the freezer also be emptied.

    • Do you move plants and flowers?

Moving plants locally isn’t a problem. There is an issue however, with moving plants over distance and interstate due to fire ant restrictions. We do request that you don’t water your plants several days prior to removal.

    • If I used your packing service, when do you commence the packing?

When Labrador Removals is completing the packing service, we insist on beginning this process 1-3 days prior to the moving date, depending on how much packing is to be done. This ensures that the process is completed within the designated time constraints and minimises the stresses involved with moving on you, the client. From our wealth of experience, we are well aware that a package involving both beginning and completing the packing and moving in one day is normally not possible and also puts large amounts of unnecessary pressure on all parties involved. Spreading the process over several days is by far the most efficient and stress free option.

    • What happens to the boxes once we are done with the move?

If you bought your boxes from us we can organise a buy back scenario, no problem at all.

    • If I needed storage, how do I prepare for this?

Very simple. Prepare for a normal move and once we have your possessions loaded onto our trucks we’ll know exactly how much storage you require. From here we can organise this for you anywhere on the Gold Coast.

    • Are there items that cannot be transported or stored?

Yes. Basically anything classed as flammable / dangerous or hazardous. Such goods will make our insurance policies void and is also an unsafe to do so. Gas bottles and other flammables generally found in the garage are the most likely sources.

    • Do you move apartments or units?

Yes. Basically anything classed as flammable / dangerous or hazardous. Such goods will make our insurance policies void and is also an unsafe to do so. Gas bottles and other flammables generally found in the garage are the most likely sources.

    • What happens if the weather looks bad?

Bad weather is not ideal for moving house or office. But due to our extensive experience we can manage to complete such moves as we are aware that there are very strict deadlines involved when moving. To maintain safety it’s not possible to work as fast as we normally would, but we are still capable to perform an effective and safe removal.

    • How can I pay?

We have several methods of payment available.


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