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The Real Truth About Piano Removals

October 29th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Piano Removals | Removals Services - (Comments Off on The Real Truth About Piano Removals)

Pianos are one of the most popular musical instruments because of their elegance, beauty and musical capabilities. That´s what makes these instruments such a prized possession, and it’s also what can make them very expensive, particularly when it comes to moving.

When it comes to piano removals, there are many considerations you need to make before trying to move your piano. You should always consider hiring professional removalists like Labrador Removals.

Gold Coast removalists, Labrador Removals, has many years of experience and training in moving pianos safely and can anticipate the problems commonly associated with moving pianos that inexperienced movers cannot.

The Risk of Getting Unqualified Help

A standard upright piano can weigh between 181 and 408 kilos. Grand pianos, however, can weigh between 294 and 589 kilos. In addition, depending on the make, model, age and condition of the piano, its cost can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to half a million bucks! Needless to say, the heavier the weight of the piano and its price tag, the higher the risk you take on getting your piano damaged by untrained and inexperienced movers.

What a Piano Removal Really Entails

Moving a piano is a difficult and complex task and will require more than just gathering a team of 4 to 8 friends to move the piano from point A to point B. Not surprisingly, people who are not experienced in these types of moves will try to do just that. This method is not only tedious; it’s also dangerous to the movers and to the instrument itself.

A professionally trained team of piano removalists will use proper equipment, such as piano skids, moving pads, ramps and slings to safely move the piano. In addition, they will employ special techniques to make the move easier and safer for both the movers and the piano.

Their trucks are specially equipped to carry and secure pianos, so that they remain safe while on the road.

Once the Piano is Moved, it Needs to be Tuned

One of the most overlooked aspects of a piano removal is that once it’s been moved, it will need to be tuned.

Despite their bulking features and heavy body, the inner mechanics are quite delicate and often times, the keys will need to be tuned, even when its moved by professional piano removalists. This will usually require the services of a professional piano tuner to get the piano sounding back in tune.

Getting Help from the Best in Piano Removals

Piano removals can bring many unintended and unpleasant surprises to inexperienced movers. Trying to avoid the costs of hiring professional removers like Labrador Removals can be a costly mistake.

Call Labrador Removals now to get more information on how their services can spare you the headache and stress involved in moving your precious instrument.

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