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Pool tables are lots of fun to have and are often the centrepiece of your home’s bar or games room. But the fun ends when it’s time to move house. Not only do pool tables take up loads of room, they are notoriously difficult to move.

Contrary to popular belief, piano and pool table movers aren’t just people who can lift a heavy load. While these items are indeed very heavy, that isn’t all that makes transporting them such a difficult hurdle. As professional Gold Coast pool table movers, we know that moving snooker and billiard tables is more of an art than anything else. It involves careful handling and manoeuvring, strategic planning, safe transit practices and complete focus from all involved. These skills and pieces of knowledge are cultivated over years of experience and training, and cannot be learned overnight.

In other words, while you could ask your weightlifting buddies to help you move your prized asset to a new home, doing so would probably not be the best decision. Serious accidents typically take place in an instant, and can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your pool table, injury to yourself and friends, or both.

Whilst not quite as complicated as moving pianos because they don’t have the fragile and delicate internal components or the irregular shape, billiard and pool tables are extremely heavy, generally weighing in somewhere between 300 and 400 kilograms. They are also a bit wider than the average door or hall, which means that getting them into the room where you want them to be can be extremely hard work and can soon have you snookered!

Take away the worry and uncertainty of your pool table relocation and engage the services of a professional removals company like Labrador Removals. With over 25 years experience, there isn’t a size or style of Snooker, Billiard or Pool Table on the Gold Coast we haven’t yet encountered and relocated. Call us today on 0412 760 035

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