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The Official Home Movers Guide to Stress Free Moving

It’s been said that on the average Australian family move every three years. The idea of moving can be fun, but moving itself can be stressful.

However, this stress can be managed with good preparation.

Here are some helpful move tips:

  1. Avoid doing cramming this to the last minute as good preparation is the key to a successful stress free move.
  2. Make sure all mail has been redirected to the correct address. The most simplest way to do this is by informing Australia Post and fill out their mail re-direct form. There is a small fee, but it’s worth it.
  3. Call Labrador removals early and ask what home moving specials and promotions we have on. We like to run monthly promotions such as free packaging materials, KFC Dinner vouchers and so on.
  4. Arrange for your kids to transfer schools.
  5. Dispose of unnecessary household items via a garage sale, place the items for sale on Ebay or Gumtree or give them away to charity.
  6. Purchase packing materials and begin putting non-essentials into boxes. It’s a good idea to pack your stuff one room at a time. Make sure you label your boxes so that you know what’s inside each one. If you do not enjoy finding moving boxes, boxing and packaging, then give labrador removals a call and we can organise this for you.
  7. Return rentals like your library books or DVDs. It’s also time to start cleaning in your new home. If you have pets, you can also start on their travel arrangements.
  8. Prepare a “survival” box. You’ll need this once you arrive in your new home. This should contain a set of bed linens, batteries, cell phone chargers and furniture assembly instructions.
  9. Double check cupboards to make sure they’re empty.
  10. Check the taps to make sure they’ve been turned off.
  11. Turn off switches, lights and heaters and make sure you’ve locked the doors and windows too.



We Thank You for taking the time to read this free guide and hope it has given you some precious tips.

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