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What Items Do You Need to Take Care of During Removals?

April 1st, 2013 | Posted by admin in Removals Services - (Comments Off on What Items Do You Need to Take Care of During Removals?)

Moving house can be a pretty daunting task, but most of us find that we have to do it at some point in our lives, whether we’re moving from our first student apartment to a bigger flat, or moving from a newlyweds’ flat to a larger family home.  There are so many tasks that you will have to do when moving, from packing up all your belongings to arranging for changes of address at the post office and settling your utility bills.  That is why most people choose to hire removalists in Gold Coast to help them with their move.

Fortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that can give you a hand with Gold Coast removals.  These companies will transport and even pack our things for you.  However, most removalists in Gold Coast simply won’t carry some items in their vans.  Here is a list of items that you’ll simply have to pack and move yourself.

1.  Pets and plants.  Most movers won’t handle pets for obvious reasons.  Your pet dog or cat is a part of your family anyway, so you should take charge of moving him yourself.  You’ll have to make a trip to the vet to get your pet all the necessary shots and to obtain an updated medical record from your medical practitioner.  Moving companies also won’t take any of your house plants, not just because some species are not allowed to cross state lines but also because they fall under the category of perishable items.

2.  Liquor.  If you’ve got a wine collection, then you’re in charge of moving it.  The same goes for any hard spirits.  Pack your bottles carefully with the appropriate padding, such as newspapers or Styrofoam peanuts in strong boxes or wooden crates.  Your local wine store might have some empty boxes of the right size that they’d be willing to give or sell to you.  Again, you should inform yourself about how much liquor you’re allowed to carry to your new location.

3.  Firearms.  Your guns will also have to go with you, whether it’s a collection of antique pistols, hunting rifles, or a utilitarian handgun that you keep for your safety.  Keep your licenses and papers handy to prevent delays.

4.  Valuables.  You might want to transport your jewellery, title deeds and valuable artworks yourself – there’s a very real possibility that your movers’ insurance won’t cover them adequately as this type of insurance is measured by weight rather than the intrinsic value of each item.

Your removalists will be very helpful during Gold Coast removals.  However, you should also take note of the belongings that you’ll be bringing over to your new house yourself.  Your removalists may even be willing to give you advice on how to pack them.

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